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The motherboard is the circuit board or main board that connects between components inside the computer. Usually the motherboard is installed in the chassis (computer box). On the motherboard there are parts - parts that connect each computer device, such as Processor, Sound Card, Lan card, VGA card, ROM, RAM and much more. And each brand of motherboard it will not be the same specification that is owned by the motherboard. Therefore, clever - pandailah in choosing. The motherboard has slots for other devices, and additional components as time goes by the computer itself began to walk rapidly, so we cendenrung must adapt with the times. Here's part - the part on the motherboard:
1. Socket rocessor
Of course a motherboard has a socket processor. For the former type of motherboard, processor slots instead of using the most processor socket. The difference is, processor slots need another tool to connect the processor to the motherboard to connect it (like electrical terminals, but has a special function), just like Nintendo's ancient, so plug it in to the terminal processor in the last (terminal in the form of circuit boards and has a slot-shaped) and plug it into an available slot on the motherboard. While the type of socket is the latest processor type, which has many feet, and the installation does not need the media or means such as processor slot. and keep in mind the type of processor or other type of processor it a lot, there are LGA, etc.. Usually if we want to buy it, the box contained a purchase boxes of processor specifications that we buy. or immediately ask just the same retailer.
2. Memory Slot
Motherboard type now, almost all use the slots to DDRAM II, III sebenaranya existing DDRAM. Unlike the first type of motherboard that uses a SIM, SDRAM, etc..
3. PCI slots for additional equipment.
If you've wanted your computer to become more functional. You do not need to buy a better PC to date, but you only need to buy a dinbutuhkannya peralaan only and is applied in this PCI slot. Development of PCI is the PCI express and have a lot PCIE motherboard that supports this. Instance if you want a computer you can use to watch TV, you only need a TV tuner and drove it in a PCI or PCIE, need to remember between the slots on the motherboard and devices must be equal, for example you use a motherboard that only supports PCI, you have to plug a device PCI manifold anyway, not to use the PCIE, PCI and PCIE because it's different. Likewise the previous type of motherboard that uses the ISA slot, which functions the same as PCI, ISA only requires much more space on the motherboard.
4. Slot Graphics Card AGV
Sebenaranya besides there is no such thing as PCI AGV, but the slot is specifically used for the VGA card. And can not be in use by other equipment. As with PCI, AGV continues to be developed, and as I write this post, which is the fastest AGV AGV 8 *.
5. I / O ports.
Most motherboards now support the type of I / O ports are nice, like a PS2 etc.. The purpose here is not Playstation 2 PS2, but the connection to the mouse / keyboard. And already there is also includes USB, LAN, onboard VGA and Onboard Sound.
Each type of MB is different types of BIOS too, to learn more about the BIOS, I'll post another time.

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