Senin, 19 Desember 2011

carburater vacum

Carburetor vacuum or CV (Constant Velocity) has become the latest standards of newest motorcycle. Can be seen on Yamaha Mio, Honda Vario, Kawasaki Kaze ZX130, Suzuki, Suzuki Satria F-150. The technology has been following the car carburetor technology, consideration must be about the consumption of fuel-efficient open-close gas plus a fine.
But, performance carburetor vacuum could be disrupted if the wrong treatment, how to care for her different from a conventional carburetor. For example, is not recommended to open the air filter box. It initially pull noticeably faster, but eventually the dust can inhibit the movement of skepticism. Skepticism in the carburetor vacuum different because the material of resin-coated Teflon. Compare with the general skepticism with chrome-plated metal. Because of dust, skepticism so jammed and scratched teflon coating over time, the results are hard throttle motor / not stable.
The other part that is not less sensitive is the rubber carburetor vacuum. His position was on the carburetor and closed the iron plates. Service time because if you do not need to be opened up to one trapped rubber raft so that it can cause leakage so the engine speed so awesome. Rubber vacuum also not be taxable gasoline. Can gain weight or most severe can not be used again. Bro expensive.
Create a regular match with a conventional carburetor reamer or enlarge the diameter of the ventury. This was not done in a vacuum carburetor, the stakes could unbalance skepticism that could result in engine life difficult.
CV carburetor works by air pressure from the crankcase and intake. So pay attention conditions that led to the carburetor vacuum hose. Is like a cracked or torn, replace immediately the new because the machine would hard to live. Condition of the rubber holder carburetor and intake manifold there should be no leakage due to impact would be hard to ride skepticism. Including the valve that no longer enter the meeting can make to the carburetor vacuum suction power so saggy.
So, be careful, new technology, do not carelessly care for, learn first.
Hopefully this article useful. Regards bikers.

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