Senin, 19 Desember 2011

Barrel heater

The main function of the barrel heater is primarily to melt existing polymers and may remain in the extruder barrel and very helpful at startup by using the technique of cold startup (turn extruder machine with state of the machine is still in the dead / off).

Barrel heater will primarily assist the formation of the molten material for his first time and with greater ease, other functions often is to make the barrel temperature range or coverage may become even more widely, this function will primarily be required to support that specific goals such as when the engine is trying to balance the speed of feeding.

A typical capacity of the heating process (by the working barrel) is based on the size of the units watts / square inch, square inches is none other than the area of the outer barrel surface area of ​​the heater itself, so it can be understood of course that the barrel heater will only have a very small linkage once towards the overall extruder output.

Typical values ​​are used was 25 s / d 35 watts / square inch, depending on how fast the extruder maker wants to start up how long the temperature can be achieved. Is therefore not strange if the smaller extruder sometimes have heating capacity (by working barrel) is greater because this type of extruder is certainly going to have a surface area larger barrels, especially when linked with an output of a small extruder itself.

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