Jumat, 22 Oktober 2010

sempor reservoir

Reservoir Tour Sempor!
Pretty cool tourist attraction with natural charm alluring. Suitable for a holiday and relax with family.
Districts have the beach could not be away from exposure to hot temperatures, sometimes creating a sense of stifling. If you have this, where the feet go to get cool air? For Kebumen district, Central Java, this is not a problem. There are many places that can be addressed. One of them is Sempor Object Object Reservoir, located 10 kilometers north Gombong, or about 32 miles west of Kebumen.
Reservoir which covers dozens of acres that, besides providing irrigation water for rice fields, as well as to drive turbine hydropower and taps. As a tourist attraction, Reservoir Sempor equipped with various facilities. For example, water recreation, there is a speedboat, slowboat, ducks paddle and rowing boats. In addition, tourists can choose other events, such as roads around the dam while enjoying the beautiful panorama and cool refreshing air.
Tourism Object Reservoir is a masterpiece of human Sempor integrated with nature. Thereof was born a beautiful panorama with a dish that is so fascinating. Hence the name Reservoir Sempor not something familiar in the world kewisataan.
Now try you feel when you come home. You will feel the incredible freshness. Hence Kebumen should be grateful with the presence of this reservoir. Plus systems that manage them directly handled by people who are professionals in their fields.

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