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Beach Petanahan an annual Sightseeing. This is considering the visitors who come to Obwis (Tourism), the most in one year only twice. Idul Fitri and Idul Adha, or Feast of Sacrifice.
However, it has its own uniqueness Obwis Obwis than others in Kebumen. The crowd was not only from the outside of Kebumen, but the communities surrounding these locations, ie the community district fixed Petanahan taking the time to come to the beach.
The beach is located in the Village District Petanahan Karanggadung this, it seems it has its own peculiarities. As if there is the allure for visitors who never came. Even if they are just to enjoy the ocean waves chasing each other as if there was no stopping.

Even the body heat of the sun sting Tourists who come to the beach, for example on the day of Idul Fitri, especially on the day of the seventh and eighth. But the visitor forever till the evening. In fact, they should come up to the Beach Petanahan coincide.

Pandan Pine

Unlike other beach in Kebumen, visitors can enjoy the waves and watch this stretch of southern sea seemed boundless. This is one that makes visitors feel happy to come to these Obwis.
After a stroll through the vast beach, watching the sea waves that bekejar-chase, we can watch it with sitting around relaxing in the mountains surrounding the beach is that there are plant-fir and pine trees that have their own myths.
Sitting joking and chatting was so beautiful watching Lalut can forget all the problems we face. Also, will remind us of the greatness of God who had created the earth and its contents, including sea Petanahan we are witnessing with the family, or may be with boyfriend and at sea this we often meet with old friends who've never met.


No different than a girl who began to love dressing up, this Petanahan coast also began to improve itself. Even now it appears not yet finished, because through several stages, but the changes are already visible Obwis arranged beautifully and promises something new for visitors coming.
Now we can already see the office building, stage entertainment, though not yet completed, but it is possible we rest on the view post was provided by the Department of Tourism, Arts and Culture Kebumen. In addition, the road to the beach this Petanahan very smooth.
Other changes we see in this Petanahan Shorelines Hall is the building near Pandan Yellow pesanggrahan indeed have its own myth for those who like to do meditation.
In addition, visitors Petanahan Beach is now a change is so rapid. So, not only crowded during Eid or other big day. Residents around the District Petanahan, Puring, Klirong, Adimulyo, and some even came from Gombong and Kebumen every Sunday morning the beach was used for sports facilities.
Some come with walking miles and miles, there is a use bike, also not a few who use motorcycles. Once on shore, they walk or run into here and there. After that, they can relax with a drink and eat Nira yellow rice wrapped in small pieces, or enjoy other foods that are also reasonably priced.

True love

Most visitors in Obwis Petanahan Beach is indeed among adolescents. More specifically, they mostly come alone with her lover. In myth, we can certainly accept. Because, at the beach there is a love story that is quite interesting to observe.
According to the elders, community leaders and legends book written by the local Tourism Office, in about 1601, ie during the reign of King Mataran Sutawijaya, be born a beautiful and lovely girl named Dewi Sulastri.
His nose is sharp with mukannya oval like the egg, the skin is also yellow and long and curly hair, add anxiety Sulastri. Another plus, this patrician girl turned out to not have a cocky character, where this great girl always be friendly to anyone.
However, royal blood named Lastri, close calls Sulastri was feeling constrained by custom is happening in their environment. Therefore, this Lastri was the son of a Regent Pucang Twins. His father was none other than Regent Citro Kusumo who was well respected by its citizens.
Apparently, this Sulastri by her father has been nominated by Joko Puring. A Duke in Bulupitu. Unfortunately, this beautiful virgin do not want an arranged marriage with a man named Ricardo Puring. He said even if named Joko Puring Duke is also quite cool, but do not feel any vibration Lastri love.
Hence, once there is a man named Raden Sujono, being a child of Wonokusumo Demat, who came to serve become a maid, Lastri with a variety of arguments on his father for the person is accepted as courtiers in Pucang Twin.

Apparently Regent Citrokusumo not refuse her wishes and diterimalah Raden Sujono as Abdi in Pucang Twin. Padalah, Joko previous Puring also submitted arguments on Camernya (Candidate-in-law), to reject the desire Raden Sujono as Abdi in Pucang Twin.
There was a love triangle between Puring and Raden Joko Sujono equally loved Goddess Sulastri was quite disappointed. The difference, love Raden Sujono even highly expected by the daughter Pucang image of the Twin, was not accomplished Joko Puring love.
Love triangle is finally developed into a riot for the District Pucang Twins. But with a capital of a handsome and his sincerity, Raden Ayu Sujono managed to marry Queen Twin Regency Pucang replace Citro Kusumo become regent in the regency.
Love this tempest could not stop there, though was at stake with the competition and won by Raden Sujono. Tail ketka Sulastri husband was on state business eradicate hooligan, or thugs, the ekbetulan Joko Puring be carried off to the beach Karanggadung Sulastri until now known as Beach Petanahan.
But it is known by Raden Sujono and eventually happen again A terrifying battle of two warriors who do have supernatural powers. However, Sulastri finally recaptured by her husband. In the other version is mentioned, that when tied to a tree Sulastri Pandan there was a miracle.
The Pandan Pandan beruabah into the Yellow and the name used to name the resting place Sulastri and her husband, after Joko Puring successfully driven away some where. Medium Sulastri who had been taken away by Joko Puring still do not want to receive love Johnny Puring seklipun threatened with death.
This is the loyalty of the Goddess Sulastri against her husband who from the outset it coveted. In principle, even if the task was left by her husband for so long, yet do not reduce the levels of love, even there was no place anymore for another man.
Once the struggle to maintain his wife of Johnny Puring successful, the new bride second wife of Johnny Puring defend successfully, the two newlyweds are resting under a pine thicket on the beach is beautiful Petanahan. Moreover, both have long separated, of course is the best time for Sulastri and Raden Sujono.

Ny. Loro Kidul

Once both of them enough rest and making love, get them to leave the lush pandanus, which has carved love both. but before, Raden Sujono allegedly found by Mrs. Loro Kidul. That is a place that has been used by both rest were asked to be a retreat, or rest house Mrs. Loro Kidul.
Since then, sepeninggalan Sulastri the former Princess Dewi Citra Pucang Twins, where it is used freely by Mrs. Loro Kidul. Since then, the place people used to meditation and silence.
According to some sources, many are people who believe in doing penance at the place of work, some even up to build the place. In addition, people who feel successful meditation at this place every Friday night POND Month Shura larungan ceremony. It starts from around noon until the cock crowed.
This is perhaps what makes Petanahan Beach has its own allure for visitors, even in places not held anything entertainment. apalag now Petanahan Coast is starting neat, certainly is a place of recreation are highly coveted by tourists.
By walking watching the mountains of sand, pine leaves that look yellow and pandanus plants along the way lead us to watch the waves that seemed Petanahan Coast Tourist welcome. No one, if anybody says, these beaches are quite beautiful.

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