Sabtu, 23 Oktober 2010

KRAKAL hot spring

Krakal hot spring is located in District Alian Kebumen. Located 12 km northeast of Kebumen. When Krakal feel the warmth of the water, you will feel. Krakal because the water temperature 39 degrees C - 42 degrees C, 86 degrees F - 104 degrees F.
Krakal water can cure itching, ringworm, rheumatism and other skin diseases. Sometimes hot water is used as a ritual activity Krakal, place near a water source / Well Baths Krakal.

If you want to feel this bath for longer, at the location provided lodging house with a fairly comfortable bed. However, who wants to see the traditional arts, in the vicinity of this object is held Kuda Lumping and ebleg art very fascinating because of elegance and style of dance.
Failitas provided this place, no less complete with the other baths. As there is ample parking garden, playground for kids to play, and there is also a place to eat snacks or stall when you feel hungry after a long soak in hot water bath.
other than that because it was close to the mountains, you will feel the freshness and coolness of tropical nature that will make you like in the heaven world

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