Rabu, 20 Oktober 2010

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previously thanks so much for taking the time to read this simple article.

    This blog contains tutorials about the cyber world blogspot, Theory electrical, computer, website, blog, domain, hosting, domains, tecnology, online business, Indonesian and Javanese culture, particularly the Kebumen city

    if there are errors in the article or anything contained in this blog as an admin I implore you advice and participation

    if there are articles that offend or hurt you (hopefully ...) I apologize that so much

    many people who called me MIYYO, currently working as a private company  technician / engineer engineer.my soul is already attached with me since childhood (they say so ... heee sich). an engineer is a person who thirst science.oleh therefore I am tried to design this blog as a field of science with my expectations and you can share with each other about everything what is important useful knowledge.

    hard work is part of my life, living the dream is my motto, although I expect there is happiness in the real world not the world mimpi.respect & unity is my goal.

OK ...!!!! this time we would tell a young child who might be looking for identity ... she was born into the world of kluarga "poor no less rich yes ... but simple" heeee .... like his song Mr. . Bevery day is filled with hard work and thirst for knowledge until he got into the cyber world who when we can use it then the world that many people call it the virtual world into the science fields, farm fields and even money charity ... {do not porn just that in the search}Starting from facebook self-taught and he limped started blogging and therefore learning work especial nyampe blog to get rich ... [rich people .... hik hik hik ...]when it's addictive is not it ...???? working day, night online either clear how long the cyber name has become part of his life ...!In addition to the internet world that they do is world especially electrical engineers

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