Rabu, 20 Oktober 2010

modem setting

PC Operating System Requirements: Windows 98, Windows XP
1. Prepare Software for Handset
- Before the configuration on a laptop, modem drivers handset (eg: K750i phone modem drivers)to be installed first.- To install, run the "setup"- Click "Finish" to end setup
2. PC Configuration
- Open the Control Panel, Select Modem, add a modem, Select Other, click NextClick Do not run the Hardware Installation Wizard, click Next
Click Do not detect my modem (I will from choose from a list),Click NextSelect the modem of your choice, eg 'sony K750iModem 'or' sony K750i Cable Modem '- Select the 'Dial Up Networking', to create a new connection:Select Make New Connection:Type the name of the connection (for example: "M3net")Select the device as a channel connection, eg modem or sony sony K750i K750iCable ModemConfiguring the modem at maximum speed or 57 600 115 200Click NextArea Code, emptyPhone number, type "<* 99 *** X #>"Click NextClick FinishIcon with the name "M3net" appears in the Dial Up Networking.
3. Properties for the newly created Account
- Right-click the icon "MobileNet" and select Properties- On the General tab, uncheck Use area code and marking dialing Properties- On the Server Types, only the TCP / IP labeled (check)- In the TCP / IP Settings, select Specify name server addressesPrimary DNS, emptySecondary DNS, emptyGive penandaaan (check) Use IP Header CompressionGive penandaaan (check) the Use default gateway on remote networkClick OKClick OK
4. Connecting to GPRS Network IM3
- Double-click on the icon "M3net" every time you want to connect to a GPRS IM3- User Name: enter "gprs"- Password: enter "im3"- Click Connect
5. Disconnect from Network GPRS IM3
- To disconnect from the GPRS IM3, double icon IM3GPRSclick "disconect"

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