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create a blog on blogspot guide

  • what is a blog..???
Blog or "web log" is one web aplication in the form of writings commonly referred to as the post on a web page.The writings are often sorted from the last and followed by long time.
Initially,the blog was created as apersonal records are stored online,but now the contains of a blog is very varied which contains tutorials,vent,bussiness and so farth.In general,the blog is no different to site on the internet.
Flatform blog or often reffered to as a blog engine designed as such by the desainer blog so easy to use.first,to create the web application programming required knowledge of HTML,PHP,CSS,etc.
  • how to create a blog on blogspot
one of the free blog profider are quite popular today is the blogspot or blogger,which create account is through site but the domain name you will get is a sub domain of blogger,for example:
why should create a blog on is not on any other blog site profiders?actually there is no neccessity to create a blog on bloger,but there are many advantages of blogger in the appeal with other blog profiders.some examples of excess blogspot in another appeal that is simple in operation making it suitable for beginners,more flexibility in changing and editing your blog templete so that the view will be more fresh because the result of his own creations,a custom domain or you can change the name of your blog  with your own domain  name eg the change becomes while still using blogspot hosting and still remain free.
it should be stressed from the beginning that the internet highly dynamic,so it may be in som future time a guide to create a blog on this blogspot will be slightly different than you see on

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