Minggu, 08 Januari 2012

Care Tips Fuel System

Lately a lot of car users worry about the destruction of the mass function of fuel pump. This damage allegedly caused by poor-quality premium gasoline.

"The car users at an early stage can prevent damage to the fuel system or fuel pump," Here are tips on fuel system maintenance :


1.Cleaning tank or drained periodically, at least 12 months, to remove hard water deposits, sludge / mud, and paraffin.
2. Fuel Pump. Strainers, filters cleaned periodically beginning, at least 6 months
3. Fuel filter. Periodically cleaned every 15,000 miles and replaced every 30,000 km maximum
4. Injector. Clean with 'Ultra Sonic Injector Cleaner' at regular intervals of at least 15,000 km

I also reminded the importance of car owners to comply with the car manufacturer in terms of replacing and installing it. Like, ensure cleanliness and free of contamination in the fuel system, use an appropriate fuse. Besides the fuel tank filled at least endeavored quarter, not to run out and then filled. It is recommended that a minimum of one day a week, the machine is turned on so that the system works.

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by : miyyo

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