Senin, 19 Desember 2011

Motorcycle Maintenace

For motorcycle maintenance, oil change is the most important, especially for 4 stroke motorcycles are mostly in the world. 2 stroke motorcycles do not already made ​​most of the same plant again. Moreover, there is already a standard Euro II.
The way oil change is recommended:

1. Change oil when hot engine conditions, the goal that the oil flows easily in hot conditions.
2. Oil change did not have to wait all night drained, it is not very influential, especially we need that time to the activity.
3. Choose a suitable oil for our motor type, like synthetic or not, just wrote. Nowadays most of the oil was adjusted to the conditions of our motors. So synthetic oil does not necessarily make a slip clutch. But do not pake synthetic oil for the car because the oil can not lubricate the transmission.
4. When the oil drained, do not have to spray compressor, it is not very influential let alone worry about the wind compressor contains water.

May be useful for all bikers.

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