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Favicon Generator and Free Favicon Hosting

Favicon Generator and Free Favicon Hosting

Posted: 13 May 2011 11:58 PM PDT

Favicon Generator and Free Favicon Hosting – It just an additional from the previous posts about How to Change Favicon on Blogger. Several sites didn’t last for long due to many reasons, therefore you must have some alternative sites if the site you use evidently down.
Favicon Generator List

There are so many favicon generator sites that you can use. The following are the favicon generator sites that you can use:

Free Favicon Hosting List

Here are some sites that can upload the .ico files, the favicon file:

Hopefully the above lists can be useful for you.

Favicon Generator and Free Favicon Hosting is a post from: Blogger Tutorial for beginners
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How To Change Favicon On Blogger

Posted: 13 May 2011 03:58 PM PDT

How to change favicon on blogger – What is favicon? Favicon stands for “favorites Icon" is a small icon located on address bar next to the address of website or blog.

For all blogger users, their favicon is a logo of blogger like the following picture:

So, can we change the blogger favicon? Yes of course and it quite easy.
HTML Code for Favicon

The following is the HTML basic code for Favicon:<link rel="shortcut icon" type="image/x-icon" href="Favicon_URL_Address">

Favicon_URL_Address is the address where you upload your favicon.

Create a Banner for favicon

As the first step that you have to do is create a banner for your blog favicon, can be in jpg or png format. Recommended that your banner has an exactly square size e.g 100×100 pixels, because the banner size will be changed into 16×16 pixels. Sample banner for favicon:

Or if you are narcissistic, you can make your picture as your favicon

Generate and Upload Favicon

The best site to directly generate the favicon and free hosting I ever found is http://www.iconj.com/favicon_hosting.php. That’s really practical, here are the steps:
Please to visit http://www.iconj.com/favicon_hosting.php
Click Browse.. Selesct the favicon banner has been created

Click Upload It!
Paste the HTML code for Favicon on Direct Link

Save the code for later

Add Favicon code to Blogger

The final step is to upload the favicon code we've got to blogger. Here are the steps:
Please login to blogger with your ID
Click Design

Click Edit HTML tab

Please backup your template first then click Download Full Template
Find the code </head> on your template (tips: use the find facility on your browser for faster search, press Ctrl+F to activate, then enter the searched code)
Paste the favicon code has copied just above the </head> code

Save Template

The blogger favicon should have replaced with your own now

How To Change Favicon On Blogger is a post from: Blogger Tutorial for beginners
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